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GB WhatsApp is the most advanced and powerful Mod that brings innovative features. It contains all those assets and features that the official version lacks. Contrary to the official version of the app, the GB version allows status download. It comes with a dark mode and dozens of customized themes. These themes and modes allow you to achieve the desired appearance for UI. GB version prioritizes users’ safety and privacy. Hence, it includes app lock, chat lock, and chat privacy settings.

Do you love sharing on Whatsapp and are tired of low sharing limits? Then Switch to the GB version. It offers enhanced sharing services. Where the official version has a 17 MB video sharing limit, the GB version extends this limit to 100 MB. Moreover, you can share up to 1GB of files as documents. The best part of the GB version is its quality maintenance while sharing files. Enhanced video quality and crystal clear voice will boost your video & audio calling. Download GBWhatsApp and experience a real boost in your socializing and communication.

What is GB WhatsApp APK?

Do you use WhatsApp? Then you must be aware of the limitations of the official version for sharing & downloading. Are you willing to overcome the official restrictions? Then try the GB WhatsApp Pro version given here. It’s a pro version that brings GB advanced features for users. This APK version brings a lot of advanced features but comes from third-party sources. Hence, you must consider potential risks while using this GB MOD. Surely, it will boost your experience. But if you download it from an insecure source then you may face potential risks.


Top Features

There is a huge amount of features that make the GB Mod the best among hundreds of WhatsApp mods. Here are some top-notch on the list.

Status Download

Download the video & image status of any contact with one tap without showing your visibility.

Dual Account

Run multiple accounts at once and keep them alive. You can use two accounts and get notifications and messages from both.

Hide Visibility

GB WhatsApp App includes Ghost mode. You can hide your online status and presence in chats.

In-app Themes

Show you style and design your app interface with tons of in-app themes. Try dark mode and a variety of customizable themes for the UI of your app.

Enhanced Sharing

Ride on the advanced sharing algorithm of GB WhatsApp Download. It will extend your sharing limits for videos, images & files.

Is GB Whatsapp safe?

Whatsapp is the world’s biggest communication platform with over 2.8 billion active users. It connects billions of people. But there are some highly tight privacy rules and many restrictions. Millions of users go for a modded version of WhatsApp to overcome limitations. GB version is undoubtedly the most advanced and powerful mods among hundreds of WhatsApp mods. Do you want to try this GB app and are concerned about safety? Then your concerns are right. It is a rejigged app that is made by tweaking the official one. Hence, it goes against the official policies of WhatsApp to provide you with services. Therefore it has potential risks for your account. Still, around 50M users trust this GB version. While choosing it you must consider both risks and its features.

GB Features

In addition to all the core features of WhatsApp, there are plenty of GB features. These features are not offered by the official version and will boost your experience. Here is the complete list of pro features of GB WhatsApp APK.

DND Mode

Do you enjoy multitasking on your Android? Then WhatsApp notifications are always disturbing you while using other apps. Hence, this GB app includes DND mode. DND will help to take a break by disconnecting the internet from this app only. You can use other apps while pausing the internet for this one.

Anti-delete Feature

There is a “delete for everyone option” in WhatsApp to delete sent messages. This option deletes sent files and messages for both the sender & receiver of the message. But now with this anti-delete feature, you can read deleted messages. Moreover, you can access and download deleted photos & files from chats.

UI Customization

Contrary to the official version, GBWhatsApp brings in customization galore. You can change the appearance of the app interface. There are hundreds of themes to do that. You can try different colors, styles, and, UI settings for the interface.

High Media Quality

While sharing images & videos, the official version compresses their quality. But this GB version does not dent the quality. It will not compress images, files, and videos. You will get high media quality for shared files with the GB app.

50+ Themes

Alert customization lovers! Get ready to explore the customization galore. GBWhatsApp App offers endless customization. There are tons of themes in the app. All are customizable. You can apply any theme. Moreover, you can further try customization by changing icons, settings, colors, and layouts.

Download Status

The official version restricts status download. But now this limitation is over. You can download any WhatsApp image & video status shared by your contacts. All the downloads are anonymous. Your contact will not know about this status download.

Share Large Files

Overcome the sharing limits of the official version with GB WhatsApp Pro APK. You can share up to 100MB of video directly. This limit is much higher than the 17MBs of the official version. Moreover, the document sharing option helps to send 1GB size files. You can share movies, large files, and a bunch of multimedia content at once.

Send to All

WhatsApp official allows to send any file to only a few contacts. But this GB version is contrary to the official one. It allows you to mark all contacts for sharing. You can select multiple files and share them with all contacts without any limit.

No Forward Tag

Whenever you forward a message or files from one chat to another there is a forward tag. This tag shows that you forwarded the shared message/file from another conversation. But now you can disable this tag with GB WhatsApp. Enjoy non-stop forwarding to all your contacts without worrying about the forward tag.

Hide/Freeze Last Seen

There is a date & time below the contact when you open any chat. If the user is online then there is “Online” text. But when he/she is offline there appears data & time. This shows when a particular user was online last time. GB version allows you to hide this text/time completely. Moreover, you can also freeze.

Disable Blue Tick

When a message is sent to a user on WhatsApp, a tick appears for it. This tick shows the message “sent”. If the tick doubles, it means “delivered”. When the receiver opens this message, the double tick turns blue. It means he/she has read it. But what if I say you can disable it? Yes, you can potentially disable this blue tick in chats to read messages anonymously.

App Lock

WhatsApp is the go-to platform for sharing multimedia content privately with others. Hence, GBWhatsApp APK Download brings in an app lock. This app lock will help to keep chats, data, and multimedia stuff safe. You can set a password or finger lock. PIN lock, face lock, and pattern lock are also available for it.

Chat Lock

Do you have secret chats with special ones on this communication platform? Then what about putting a protective layer on them? Set a password or finger lock with a dedicated chat lock of the GB version.

Icon Customization

Now this is beyond customization limits. Think you can use any logo for your GB WhatsApp App on your home screen. That is true, this GB version allows icon customization. You can completely hide the WhatsApp icon from home by setting a desired image as an icon.

Enhanced Group Limit

Officially you can add 256 group participants in any WhatsApp group as a group admin. But now it’s time to expand your circle with this GB version. It offers enhanced group limits. You can add hundreds of people from your social circle to a single group.

WhatsApp channels

In 2023, WhatsApp introduced a channel feature for WhatsApp users. There are hundreds of Mod version apps but the majority lack this channel feature. But GBWhatsApp APK is contrary to all of them. It offers the latest and innovative official feature of WhatsApp.

Enhanced Character Limit for Text Status

Share your thoughts and interesting text stories as your status. There is a 139-text-character limit for text status in WhatsApp. But now with GBUP, you can extend this character limit. Share text stories, quotes, and much more as your text status without any limit.

Multiple Accounts

The use of WhatsApp is increasing every day. The majority of mobile users run multiple accounts. Hence, GB WhatsApp brings in dual account functionality. It allows simultaneous use of two accounts. No need for account switching. Enjoy a seamless and simultaneous experience for both accounts.

Auto Reply

Set any text piece of your choice as a text message for auto-reply. The auto-reply feature will send this text instantly when someone approaches you. Define your auto-reply with simple text. You can type greetings or any customized text as your reply.

Dark Mode

Many of you chat with friends on WhatsApp at night in bed. For an eye-friendly night experience, GB whatsApp Download offers dark mode. With a simple toggle, you can switch b/w dark and light modes.

Endless Sharing

In the official app, you can choose 100 images or videos from the gallery. But GB WhatsApp will enhance this sharing. You can send tons of images, videos, and files, without limit restrictions. Moreover, you can share these multiple selections with multiple contacts without a contact limit.

Text Fonts & Emojis

Helvetica is the default and only font style for your texts in WhatsApp. Do you want to try some more text fonts? Then stun your contact with 100s of font styles of GB WhatsApp Pro. In addition to font galore, there are tons of expressive and innovative emoji packs.


Communicate with the world without any language barrier with the GB version. It includes a language option to make your app a multilingual platform. Moreover, its translate option turns any text message into your native language for seamless communication.

Schedule Messaging

If you run an organization, then you have to send different messages on Whatsapp. GB WhatsApp APK brings innovation to your broadcast messaging. You can schedule different messages for different times and different groups of users. It will automate your management and help a lot to your organization. Potentially it is an ideal feature for small business and organization owners.

GB WhatsApp vs. Official WhatsApp

This is one of the most commonly debated topics among WhatsApp users. Let’s take a glance at the facts for both these apps proposed by experts.

Official WhatsApp

Take a look at the pros & cons of the official version.

Advantage Highlight

  • Governed and designed by creators & developers of WhatsApp.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • High security for your device with PlayProtect verification.
  • Cross-platform compatibility for PC, iOS, Mac, Linux, Android, Windows, etc.
  • Regular updates for bug fixes, glitches, viruses, and errors.
  • The latest features are released with every WhatsApp update.
  • Auto-update feature.
  • Data backup & restore with 100% security.
  • No involvement of third parties.


  • No status download feature.
  • Compression of media quality while sharing.
  • Low size limit for content sharing.
  • Does not support dual accounts.
  • No app lock.
  • Lacks chat privacy settings compared to the GB version.
  • Zero customization feature with default appearance and theme only.
  • Forward tag issue.
  • No management option for visibility.
  • Less group participant limit compared to the GB version.

GB WhatsApp

Let’s take a look at the good & bad of this rejigged version.


  • Dual account availability.
  • Customization galore with tons of themes and customization options.
  • Anonymity and ghost mode to manage visibility.
  • DND mode to boost Android multitasking.
  • Status download.
  • Increased sharing limit for video and text status.
  • Enhanced file sharing in chats with up to 100MB direct and 1GB document sharing limits.
  • Schedule messaging and auto-reply.
  • Global access, multilingual, and built-in text translator.
  • High media quality, enhanced sharing, and endless forwarding.


Where GB WhatsApp has many features, you should never forget about its cons.

  • Third-party app with potential risks of data leakage and misuse of personal data.
  • No auto-update
  • May contain glitches and harmful agents as it is not verified by Play Protect.
  • Does not work on devices other than Android.
  • You miss out on newly released official features.
  • Potential risks for account ban.
  • May not work on some devices or cause errors while using.

Errors and Solutions

GB WhatsApp not working. It is among the most frequently asked queries about this GB version. Hence, it is better to explain all the occurring errors with their solutions.

Phone Number Banned

Honestly speaking WhatsApp on a role against these modders. Hence, you may face a number ban or account ban with this GB version.


This is a panic situation for GB users but you have to be patient and wait. Because most of the time this ban is temporary and removed after the completion of the duration time. But if it persists, then switching to the official version is the only option.

App Crashes

Sometimes when you launch GB WhatsApp, you see an app crash issue.


Try to clear the app cache and re-launch the app. You may also have to restart your device. If still the app crashes, then you should try the crash-free latest version given on this page.

Verification Code Not Received

It is also among the common queries of GB users. This mostly happens with a poor internet connection.


Ensure a strong internet connection. Check your message settings because sometimes there might be issues with upcoming messages. Try the call verification method. Restart the device and try again. Switch to the latest version to potentially resolve the issue and give it a new try.

Media Not Downloading

Download errors are rare but GB WhatsApp users may also face it.


Check your storage space. Ensure a strong net connection. Double-check the download storage path. Switch to a different device storage folder. If still the problem is there, then update the app. You may also ask the sender to resend the file in case he/she might delete it.


GB WhatsApp is the most powerful social media asset with plenty of features and potential cons. It allows media download, enhanced sharing, and high media quality. Customization galore of this GBWhatsApp Por APK brings tons of themes. You can get a preferred in-app appearance. Its support for dual account and DND mode boosts the multifunctionality of your device. Expand your social circle with more groups and enhance group limits. Experience endless sharing, quality video calling, and advanced socializing with the GB app. Where we are counting its pros & features you must take into account its potential risks. If you wanna go with tight security  & privacy with fewer features then choose an official version. But if you are willing to enjoy more fun and enhanced socializing with advanced features then Download GB WhatsApp.

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